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Welcome to a mix of the New and the Old!

Dateline, 10 April 2002: The Insane Klown Posse as it stands is soon to be no more...soon all that will exist is the URL. As a gag it lasted a few months...but apparently all the insanity's been catalogued and dealt with.

Starting the next few weeks, I'll be joining the groove...turning this into yet another website devoted to me, what I do, where I hang, and who i hang with...a real square peg, I know.

Pics, descs, downloads - you'll find them here. See what I can do with EV: Nova, a pretty dang cool game...check it out at

Pic hosting will be here soon as I have a corporate vision to focus on, I'll put it here, too.

'Till then, stay in touch! I won't delete the's just taking a back seat.

Insane Klown Posse

Quick note: For more info, mailme - the link's around here somewhere....

Tips, ideas, how to join - they'll make it up here soon.

Sign the guestbook on your way out, ok?

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Gonna have stuff here!

If you're confused about what the IKP WAS all about, go here:

With thanks to draco for directions to the hit counter.

Kudos to Flatty for telling me how to fix the guestbook link. Thanks, amigo!

Announcing the Insane Klown Posse!!!!

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